I promised to give some caustic verdicts and opinions. There will be no shortage of opportunities. However, for the meantime, let’s ldedicated our efforts to r the events, the people and the articles that we love and respect in terms of work and attitude.

A pole position – deep among the experts that unquestionably command most respect – has been occupied by the Parisien designer Inga Sempé thanks to her rare coherence and her recognizable, delicate and almost tasty style.

In 2009, the latest innovation that affected Sempé and for the French design sector as a whole has been the new company Moustache. She designed the lamp Vapeur for this new enterprise. Over the years, she has produced a large number of lighting projects; the question is which emblematic article should be presented? Below, a curiosity created for Luceplan.


Posted on: Thursday, April 16th, 2009 at 14:10
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