The house I wish. A new space and project for Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. A place in balance between private and public.


A container to layer with artwork, as well as objects and sophisticated furnishings. On the second floor of the 18th century Milanese Palazzo, where Emiliano and Britt already work and live.
Rooms submerged in a dusty blue, alternate with others completely void of color, where embellishment is obtained by the elimination of the various pre-existing layers.


Flooring that changes from room to room, left as found and made uniform by the grayish patina of years gone by allowing a slight glimpse of the old. Leading from one room to another, one is met by a collection of furniture, lamps, objects and works of art, which converse easily with one another.


An intimate and mysterious dialogue between objects, furnishings and rooms; characterized by diverse and varied stylistic, formal and epochal qualities.
Objects from far-away hemispheres, drawn close to each other by sculpture-like furnishings, make up the collection produced by Emiliano and Britt. These pieces define “Progetto Non Finito”, a series of seating, tables, containers, shelves and lamps.

Materials such as corroded metals, alternate with precious metals such as aged silver and oxidized brass; glossy lacquers melt into rougher finishes like fiberglass; fabrics with a classical culture and philosophy are made contemporary in the way they are employed.


The warm and pure light of the luminous elements intertwines with the soft light entering through the old windowpanes making the colors within the space palpable and soft.


The neutral hallways lead onto rooms with aged walls revealing the passing of time. The synthesis of the place created by Dimore Studio, creates new combinations, fascinating contrasts, juxtapositions of different eras, styles and geographical areas. A container for contemporary life.


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