The timeless fascination of the marble quarries in Carrara come alive with contemporary images that have encountered design.


his is what happened at the quarries of ‘bacino di gioia’ from June 10-13 2009 which hosted the event Welcome Angels. It developed from the desire to carry the values of excellent and quality into the quarry, ideas that were expressed through Natural Stone Vision, a project invented and promoted by Carrara Fiere which commenced during CarraraMarmotec 2008.


When the peace of the night falls, and the quarry has stopped operations, when everything is quiet, when material is once again material, the project becomes the simple formal expression when compared with the material. Only in the evening, amid the silence, when everything has been recomposed, the mountains, man, everything returns to its exact proportions. Only at night do the quarrymen make their peace with the mountain, and only then do the mountains embrace them and the project designed to exalt the beauty of marble. Only in the evening do the angels return to the mountains and the story of these returns is told by Welcome Angels.

Uovoquadrato was the narrator: through images and sounds, lights, voices, dancing bodies and mechanical  devices.


The protagonists of this story are some of the leading companies in stone such as Bundles, Franchi Umberto Marmi, Furrer, GE.M.E.G., Il Casone, Il Fiorino, Italmarble Pocai, Marmi Carrara, MT & S, Piba Marmi, R.E.D. Graniti, Savema Spa and some of the top Italian design companies such as Antonio Lupi, Bravo Cucine, My Core, l’Abbate, Davide Groppi, Disano, Fosnova, and Edra.

Welcome Angels was designed by Silvia Nerbi and Paolo Armenise, the artistic performance was invented and directed by Uovoquadrato in collaboration with Michela Lucenti and with Balletto Civile, Stefano Tedesco e Pinuccio Sciola, Fabio Bianchi, Cristina Alioto, Tiziano Scali.

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