I like everything about this London-based studio: the name, the graphic, the products… Inspiration for Something from nothing comes from life, the world around us, the  work with new materials and technologies, and tackling new issues.


And I like the Wired lamp very much. Its base is constructed in a simple but classical form made from 10mm light steel wire. The shade is slightly larger than life giving the lamp its unique character and a sense of scale. Inspiration for the ‘wired’ lamp came from the process of model making, using wire to ‘draw’ in 3D, as opposed to paper and pencil. black_yellow_low_resPlaying with scale and size has created a fun lamp, an inspiring product with a uniqueness all of its own. It’s playful proportions lend itself to many situations.
Low level lighting, an oversized table lamp or a child’s standard lamp.

Posted on: Sunday, June 28th, 2009 at 11:34
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